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Story One Walkthrough

After the opening cutscene, you can choose three different groups of characters to play as. Choosing "The Boys!" lets you play as Rick, Yet, and Zane. Choosing "The Girls!" lets you play as Pammy, Wru, and Hanna. Choosing "Uh..." lets you play as Cat. Eventually, you'll team up with Dog and Chicken when you play as Cat.

The Girls & The Boys
After watching their opening cutscene, you can explore the beach. You can go anywhere you want, but to advance the story, you need to go to the restaurant and choose to eat.

After the cutscene, go towards the wells and jump in.

Follow the path through the caves to get to the final cutscene of story one.

You start at the beach in the rain as Cat. Your first task is to find Dog. He is wandering in the south area of the beach. Once you join him, head to the eastern area of the beach and look for a fence. Follow the fence and you will eventually find chicken. Once you have all three characters, go back to the area where Dog was at, and go on one of the hills to find a safe place to sleep for the night.

The next morning, the group is hungry. But if you go the restaurant, the waiter wont let you in. Instead, go around the back of the restaurant and jump on the fence. (You can automatically jump over the fence near the pile of wood)

When the lady screams for help, the group tries to get away! Run north and jump into the wells.

Follow the path through the caves to get to the final cutscene of story one.

Did you know?
The ending cutscene's dialog changes depending on if you're playing as the animals or the humans!

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