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My name's Shelly!
I'm one of the characters from the Project: Summer Ice series!
Learn more about me right here on my character biography page!

My biography is below:

Gender: Female Birthday: ???
Skin Color: Pale Hair Color: Blonde
Favorite Color: ??? Favorite Food: ???
Favorite School Subject: ???
Least Favorite School Subject: ???
Life Goal: ???

??? (During Project: Summer Ice)

Video Game / Comic / Animation Appearances

Project: Summer Ice (Video Game)
I was featured in the original Project: Summer Ice along with my husband Mike...

Status Updates

This is what I looked like in the past...

And here I am with my husband Mike...

Character Art and Screenshots

Here's what I look like in the video games and the books:

This is what I look like the original Project: Summer Ice!

This is what I look like in my comic series!


How did the optimistic Shelly lose her happy spirit?
Play the original Project: Summer Ice to find out!
And stay tuned for more information in future story arcs!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

Page updated: August 18th, 2018 @ 2:54 AM Pacific Time
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