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Project: Summer Ice - Ninja
An RPG Maker Fes Game from ExecuteCode.com

Title: Project: Summer Ice - Ninja
Nickname: executecode
Creator ID: 11130
Product ID: 2xfz447d
Genre: SF, Modern, Adventure, Serious
Intro: Ninja duo Levi and Vanessa investigate the Project: Summer Ice... v6.01

v1.01 first became available on December 18th 2017.
v2.01 first became available on December 28th 2017.
v3.01 first became available on January 5th, 2018.
v4.01 first became available on January 12th, 2018.
v5.01 first became available on January 19th, 2018.
v6.01 first became available on January 26th, 2018.
v7.01 first became available on February 2nd, 2018.
v8.01 will be available to download on February 3rd, 2018 @ 11PM Pacific Time.

This is the fifth story arc of Project: Summer Ice.
This story continues from the original Project: Summer Ice!

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v 1.01: First release!
v 1.07: Added release date change notice
v 2.01: Story 2 added!
v 3.01: Story 3 added!
v 4.01: Story 4 added!
v 5.01: Story 5 added!
v 6.01: Story 6 added!
v 7.01: Story 7 added!

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Page updated: February 28th, 2018 @ 1:46 AM Pacific Time
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