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Online cross-platform play notice:
Please note that cross-platform online multiplayer is available in Project: Summer Ice Bowling! No matter your device, you can play online with your friends!

(Note: This game works on your computer, phone, tablet, Nintendo Wii U console, and New Nintendo 2DS/3DS Consoles. This game will not work on original 3DS or 2DS consoles.)

Story Mode
See fun stories that take place at different times in the Project: Summer Ice storyline. You may learn some new things about your favorite characters! Some stories will be exclusive to the free and paid versions! Check out some screenshots!

Project: Summer Ice - Bowling first became available on October 13th 2017.

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v1.01: First release!
v1.75: Fixing bugs to prepare for story mode update!
v1.87: Android version released
v2.01: Story Mode added + Pammy's Story One added!
v3.00: Jane's Story One added!

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